Welcome to the Spa & Pamper Club!

The ultimate retreat for your pampered pet, specially conceived to provide a fun, calm, relaxing and safe environment in which your pet can be groomed, indulged and revitalized.
Treat your pet to the ultimate pampering and grooming experience : The Spa en Pamper day. The combination of doggie daycare with lots of excercise, socializing and playtime in the morning, along side a balanced meal and a well deserved siesta at noon results in a relaxed stress free pet ready to be fully pampered with a aromatherapy and ozonized Spa bath before finalizing with full grooming session.
But that's not all, we have thought of you. The Spa and Pamper Day includes free door to door transportation* and an a photographic souvenir of your pets special day so you can enjoy your day without keeping track of time.

Membership is easy! All you need to do is have a small sized dog upto 8 Kg. and comply to our boarding requirements.

The advantages are many : Reduced grooming prices while boarding, a free grooming for every 10 sessions, free training and grooming gatherings,free individual training advice and most importantly a happy awsome looking pet!  


Services and Pricelist 
Services  Hotel-Guests Washing Sanitary Cut Carding (shedding) Full Grooning Mini Spa & Pamper Day Spa & Pamper Day
Washing  black check  black check black check   black check  black check black check 
Conditioning  black check  black check  black check  black check  black check  black check
Brush & Dry  black check  black check  black check  black check  black check  black check
Anal Glands    black check  black check  black check    black check
Ear Cleaning    black check  black check  black check    black check
Nail Clipping    black check  black check  black check    black check
Sanitary shave    black check  black check  black check    black check
Carding      black check      black check
Clipper /Scissor cut        black check   black check
 Aromatherapy bath          black check  black check
 with Ozone Bath          black check  black check
 Pick-up within 10 KM of Hotel          black check  black check
 Drop-off within 10 km of Hotel          black check  black check
 Walk or Tread mill exercise          black check  black check
 Play time          black check  black check
 Lunch & Siesta          black check  black check
 Pictures          black check  black check
 Price  12,50 €  20,00 €  25,95 €  40,00 €  25,00 €  45,00 €
 Extra for stripping        10,00 €    10,00 €
 Extra for dematting or carding for excessive knots or undercoat  10,00 €  10,00 €  10,00 €  10,00 €  10,00 €  10,00 €
 Extra for ear & anal glands cleansing +nail clipping  10,00 €  
 Extra for Treadmill session  10,00 €  10,00 €  10,00 €  10,00 €    
 Extra transport per km above 10 km   0,50 €  0,50 €    0,50 €  0,50 €    0,50 €   0,50 €
 Extra Carding            
 Extra for Spa bath with aromayherapy & ozone     7,00 €   7,00 €   7,00 €    
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