to the Spa & Pamper Club

to the Spa & Pamper Club!

A very special day

A Spa & Pamper Day is a morning full of exercise, playtime with friends, cuddles with Lucia…
And a good meal and a well deserved siesta!

In the afternoon the Spa & Pamper day includes a warm and realxing Spa bath,
followed by a soothing grooming session with Irene!

At days end back home in taxi feeling and looking awesome!

A day full of excercise playtime friends cuddles

The ultimate retreat for your pampered pet

Specially conceived to provide a fun, calm, relaxing and safe environment in which your pet can be groomed, indulged and revitalized.

Treat your pet to the ultimate pampering and grooming experience : The Spa and Pamper day. The combination of doggie daycare with lots of excercise, socializing and playtime in the morning, along side a balanced meal and a well deserved siesta at noon results in a relaxed stress free pet ready to be fully pampered with a aromatherapy and ozonized Spa bath before finalizing with full grooming session.

The Spa and Pamper Day includes free door to door transportation* and an a photographic souvenir of your pets special day so you can enjoy your day without keeping track of time.

Membership is easy! All you need to do is have a small sized dog upto 8 Kg. and comply to our boarding requirements.

The advantages are many : Reduced grooming prices while boarding, a free grooming for every 10 sessions, free training and grooming gatherings,free individual training advice and most importantly a happy awsome looking pet!


Hotel-Guests WashingSanitary CutCarding (shedding)Full GroomingMini Spa & Pamper DaySpa & Pamper Day
Brush & Dry
Anal Glands
Ear Cleaning
Nail Clipping
Sanitary shave
Clipper /Scissor cut
Aromatherapy bath with Ozone Bath
Pick-up within 10 KM of Hotel
Drop-off within 10 km of Hotel
Walk or Tread mill exercise
Play time
Lunch & Siesta
Extra for stripping15,00€
Extra for dematting or carding for excessive knots or undercoat10,00€10,00€10,00€10,00€10,00€10,00€
Extra for ear & anal glands cleansing +nail clipping10,00€
Extra for Treadmill session10,00€10,00€10,00€10,00€
Extra transport per km above 10 km0,75€0,75€0,75€0,75€0,75€0,75€
Extra Carding
Extra for Spa bath with aromayherapy & ozone10,00€10,00€10,00€

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