• Meet the team!

Do you want to know us a bit more?

We would like to introduce Tiny Dog Hotel team:
a prepared and diverse team united by the love to the tiny dogs.



Responsible for sales, clients internal matters and photography.

“I am a caring and hard working person devoted to our hotel and foremost to our little furry guests making sure that they are in good health and happy.”

Jose Antonio


Responsible for Organization finance marketing communication, dog walking and transport.

“For a dog lover Tiny Dog Hotel is a blessing. Meeting wonderful people, taking care of amazing doggies with a team of exceptional young talents whilst making a decent living is a dream come true.”



“I consider myself a nice person, I love to dance flamenco and sing. I’m a super super animal lover most of all of dogs. I love them!”



“I am a calm and reliable person, always eager to expand my knowledge. I discovered my passion for dogs when my responsibilities were broadened with taking care of and walking the doggies in the mornings which I enjoy very much every day.”

Di Sousa


Publicity & Marketing. Dog groomer.

“I am dog groomer since 2015 , have won various championships throughout six European countries and have been nominated best Dog Groomer of Spain in 2019.I ran my own dog grooming academy in Madrid but decided to dedicate  more of my time in competitions, teaching and enjoying the Andalusian life while having my pied a terre in Tiny Dog Hotel.”



Fashion design and dog grooming.

“My name is Tosca Espinale, my love for animals began at a young age, always helping as a volunteers, informing and always trying to do the best of these little creatures.
I feel very fortunate to spend my day full of love from very early on bathed in kisses and affection, and go home with the same treatment, never a bad day.”

A five star team!

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