• Meet the team!

Do you want to know us a bit more?

We would like to introduce Tiny Dog Hotel team:
a prepared and diverse team united by the love to the tiny dogs.



Antoinette is the soul of Tiny Dog Hotel.

She is attentive, loving and hard-working. He always wants his furry guests to be comfortable and happy. Being with Antoinette makes them feel “at home”. Everyone knows and recognizes her quickly and she knows each and every one of her little guests.

Jose Antonio


Jose Antonio is responsible for Tiny Dog.
She greatly enjoys being part of the team both in the most technical aspects and in guest services. He organizes and manages the hotel, but he is also in charge of the transfers of the guests, the walks and his communication with the families.
It’s easy to see him on the phone, but you can also find him playing with the dogs.
For Jose Antonio: “The world needs more people who love what they do”.



If something defines Almudena and makes her essential in the team, it is that she loves dogs. She is smiling and is responsible for making the stay at Tiny Dog Hotel more than pleasant. Both for families and guests. Our tenants soon become inseparable from Almudena.



Hernán is the man who shapes and molds our garden. He loves dogs and they love him. Probably because they know that they are responsible for their space being clean, cared for and in perfect condition. He is hardworking, honest and very professional. You will find him working in various areas of the hotel.

Di Sousa


With 7 years of experience with scissors, Di Sousa turns all our guests into magazine cover dogs. He has the art and the right hand to treat the dogs while cleaning and combing them. They love him and the many championship  prizes in dog grooming proves his qualities. In addition, it has its own dog grooming academy.



From a very young age, it was clear that Tosca wanted to work surrounded by dogs. She is full of joy, kindness and artistic talent in equal parts. She and Di Sousa’s  form together the best dog grooming team ion the coast. Watching them work is a pure pleasure and art.

A five star team!