You Love your pet and can´t imagine forgetting anything important in his/her suitcase. We have prepared a little tool to help you pack the essential things and  leave out the excessive luggage we all like to pack ” just in case” !

  •  Passport:  must be to date; pay special attention to kennel cough vaccination! Without passport we cannot admit your pet
  • Bed: Your pet will sleep better in his own bed , if he does not have a bed something with the scent of where he usually sleeps ( pillow case).
  • Tshirt /PJ ( worn): This will help him through the first night. Some dogs do give it any value while others embrace the t shirt and sniff it at night!
  • Toys:        One special toy if your pet has one if not there are boxes full of toys to play with at TDH.Avoid a suitcase full of toys. Your pet can´t play with them all and some will get lost during his stay.
  • Clothing & apparel:         Not necessary, only if your pet loves a warm sweater during the winter.
  • Grooming accessories:     Bring a brush/comb . We have grooming accessories at the hotel .
  • Towels are not necessary.
  • Food: For short stays it is recommended to not change your pet’s diet.Bring his food and additives you use at home we´ll be glad to give them to your pet.Often (not unlike children) your pet will not eat what you have brought because they like to try what everyone else eats.Don´t worry we will see to it that your pet eats well.Avoid bringing a 5 kg bag of food for a weekend stay this takes up toomuch place and causes confusion.
  • Treats:  are welcome but on dealt out at bed time only. During the day natural healthy treats are given to all our guests.A treat a day is enough for your pet´s stay!
  • Medicine: Bring all the necessary medicine your pet takes or needs.. Avoid bring every medicine your pet has ever used or might ever need to use!If he needs anything and it´s missing we will provide it and take care of it.
  • Bowls:  Bring bowl only in case of medical necessity otherwise do not bring your bowls we have plenty of them it´s impossible to remember who´s bowl is who´s.
  • Leads: Bring your pet´s lead and collar for delivery and pickup. We keep them safely in a plastic bag till the departure date. During our daily walks we only use our leads for safety reasons.Make sure your pet´s collar/harness is not damaged or too big.It is important that your pet cannot get loose during the walk.

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