Tiny Dog Hotel is a 5 star holiday resort for miniature and small dogs. Eventhough you are considering a stimulating and fun cage free environment for your pet´s holiday, his safety aways comes first and that is why size matters when boarding at TDH!

The pet admission profile is designed to help find out if ou facilities are suitable for your pet and if your pet suits a cage free environment like ours.


  • Size and weight: The Maximum size is 30 centimeters at the top of the shoulder blades.The maximum weight is 8 kgs. Guests from 6kgs up are subject to viewing prior to admission.
  • Social Behaviour: Guests should be social and non-agressive, non-possessive, not dominant or male agressive. Often pets are shy when they meet a other dog or more so a group of dogs, the fear can lead them to groul or snap when meeting other dogs. we do not consider this as agression; in general an adequate introduction can substancially reduce the amount of stress and fear. We notice that in a few days our guests settle in and often their overall attitude towards other dogs improves substancially when they go back home.
  • Sexual State & Behaviour: Non neuterted males and non-spayed females are welcome.
  • Females in heat can not be accepted one month prior to, during nor one month after their heats. Females in heat are molested by males as they become arroused, nervous and sometimes agressive in presence of a female in heat. This results in an tense, nervous atmosphere that upsets the boarding experience of all our little guests.Some male pets are over-attracted to females, especially in a cage free environmenta as ours.Generally after two long walks and two days of playing and running they calm down and settle in.So don´t worry if your pet has keen eye for the girls!

Exceptions: Pet´s that are slightly higher or a little chunky can be admitted if the have an a good social behaviour.This however is subject to prior discussion with and assesment by management during your inspection tour of our facilities.