Getting ready

The diference between a holiday and a great one lies in the preparation!
To ensure the safety and happiness of your little loved one and of all his companions
there are some measures you need to take.

Pet Admission Profile

All pets staying at Tiny Dog Hotel must meet the following criteria.

  • Maximum height 30 cm at the top of the shoulder

  • Maximum weight 8 kg; test required for pets that weigh more than 6 kg

  • Have social and non-aggressive behavior

  • Females in heat ( or 1 month prior to heats) can not be accepted.

Medical Requirements

All dogs boarding at Tiny Dog Hotel met meet the following medical criteria.

  • Be microchipped and have a valid vaccination booklet or passport

  • Have had a recent Anti flea and tick treatment

  • Have the following valid vaccinations Rabies,DHPPI and Leptosirosis

  • Have a valid vaccination against the Kennel Cough (Tracheobronchitis)

Packing the suitcase

You love your pet, to not forget anything important,here is the short list all you need bring

  • The vaccination booklet. Without the passport we will not admit your pet.

  • The medicine your pet needs & instructions.

  • A t shirt or pijama ( you previously wore)and or a jumper if he is chilly.

  • Food if you wish and a very special toy if he has one.

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